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Application for on-site parking at NTNU

Criteria and procedures for applying for temporary on-site parking on the Gløshaugen plateau or at Kalvskinnet for health or social reasons.

Norsk versjon: Søk om nærparkering på NTNU

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Do you have a health or social related need to temporarily park close to your place of work or study at Gløshaugen or at Kalvskinnet? You can apply for on-site parking at the Gløshaugen plateau in parking zones A and B or in zone K at Kalvskinnet.

Before you apply

Criteria for on-site parking

  • Can be granted for health or social reasons
  • Applications based on health reasons will be prioritised
  • Parking is granted for a maximum of 1 year at a time
  • This scheme only applies to NTNU employees and students
  • The NTNU rate (5 kr/hour) also applies to on-site parking.

Apply for parking for health reasons

You can apply for on-site parking if you have injuries or afflictions that make it difficult for you to move over longer distances. In these cases, the HSE Division will process the application.

  1. Register your car in NTNU's registration number database.
  2. Send an e-mail to with your contact information, and you will be contacted

Apply for parking for social reasons

The Human Resources Department processes applications for on-site parking for social reasons.

We will unfortunately approve very few applications based solely on leaving and picking up children in kindergarten. We have a large number of employees who have children in kindergarten/SFO, which is why this alone will not automatically give the right to on-site parking.

Applications for on-site parking for health reasons (processed by the HSE Division) will be prioritised before applications for on-site parking for social reasons. In cases where on-site parking for social reasons is granted, those who apply as next of kin will be prioritised before those who have to pick up children in kindergarten/SFO, etc.

On-site parking for leaving / picking up children in kindergarten/SFO will only be considered if it results in significant time saving, and single parents and parents with several children in different kindergartens/SFO will be prioritised.

  1. Register your car in NTNU's registration number database
  2. Download application form (in Norwegian) (docx)
  3. Fill out and send the application form and required documentation to

Note that applications for health reasons are prioritised before social reasons.

Temporary parking permissions

The permissions are temporary and granted to those who need them the most. Consequently, applicants can lose their parking space if other applicants have more important needs for on-site parking. In these instances, the time of notice for on-site parking is 3 months.

The on-site parking system will be evaluated regularly with the employee representatives.


Questions about on-site parking should be directed to: