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Outstanding research and artistic activities - employee award

The award for outstanding research and artistic activities is related to the two areas pertaining to research and to artistic activities in the NTNU strategy.

Norsk: Forskning og kunstnerisk virksomhet – ansattpris

Overview: NTNU Employee Awards

Purpose of the award

The award for research and artistic activities shall be a recognition of achieved research results and artistic development work at a high international level. The award is to be an inspiration for others and support for further research and artistic work at NTNU.

Criteria for receiving the award

Individual recipients of the award must have shown strong professional performance and academic groups must have shown similarly good results together.

The award should not be an appreciation for long and faithful service to NTNU.

The award recipient must have

  • achieved particularly outstanding results in research or artistic activity
  • contributed to making NTNU visible internationally

The assessment should be based on the results achieved in the last two or three years. The proposal must be substantiated with a document of up to two pages.

Internal awards for employees 2024

Propose candidates for the award for outstanding research and artistic activites by - TBA

Proposals for award recipients are submitted by at least three employees / students. Check the description of each award for justification of proposals. Some awards have specific requirements as to documentation of results. No signatures are requires, but when you send in the proposal by email to the contact person for the award, we ask that you copy the proposers.

See also the page NTNU Employee Awards.

The awards ceremony takes place in - TBA

How to select candidates

Pro-Rector for research appoints a selection committee consisting of three members.

Former recipients of the award


Nina Elisabeth Sindre, Senior Adviser, Rektor’s staff (research)