Legal advice

For employees in need of legal advice from The legal advisers in the Division for Governance and Management Systems.

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What can we advice you on

The legal advisers in the Division for Governance and Management Systems can provide advice regarding NTNU-related issues within the following topics:

  • external financing and related legal topics
  • property law•intellectual property rights / copyright for employees (except in connection with study-related topics)
  • the act on public administration
  • requests for access according to the Freedom of information act
  • privacy/data protection/ GDPR (on a system-level and contracts).
  • NTNU's regulations on management and delegation

Inquiries about other jurisdictions

How to contact the legal advisers

Please forward your inquiry for legal advice to:

An inquiry should contain the following:

  1. For contracts: Indicate whether the contract is based on a template, what type of template and what changes have been made in relation to original template
  2. For other inquiries:
    1. Description of case
    2. What you need assistance with.
    3. Relevant documents such as project description, budget and any draft agreements and the like.
    4. Do not enclose sensitive and confidential personal information. If necessary for the case, such information must be encrypted.

The individual legal adviser can be contacted in cases pending.

Case-processing time

As a main rule requests are processed on a “first come first serve” basis.

The legal advisers have a constant influx of legal inquiries. Those seeking legal advice must therefore expect some processing time.

Are you a student?

Are you a student seeking legal assistance related to your study situation? If so, you can contact the student ombuds at NTNU for a confidential and non-binding conversation.