Leave of absence for religious holidays

Here you can read more about your rights in connection with religious holidays.

Norsk versjon - Permisjon ved religiøse høytider

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Your rigths

If you do not belong to the Church of Norway, you are entitled to leave of absence for up to two days per calendar year in connection with religious holidays in your religion.

NTNU may require you to work extra to compensate for such days off, and to arrange the date for this in advance. Any compensatory work is not to be regarded as overtime, even if it causes the statutory limit on normal working hours per day or week to be exceeded.

You must notify your immediate superior if you want to use this right.

How to apply

Watch tutorial video on "How to apply for Leave of absence" in the HR-portal (2:04)

  1. Log into the HR-portal
  2. Min mappe
  3. Oppgaver (under heading «Opplysninger om medarbeider»)
  4. Nytt skjema
  5. Permisjon eller tidsbegrenset...
  6. Årsak - choose from the list
  7. Permisjon annet.

References and legislation

Contact information

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