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How to hide your profile page

This page pertains to how both students and employees can control the visibility of their Innsida profile page and contact information.

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Employee profile pages

Employee profile pages are visible both on NTNU's external web pages ( and, and searchable via Innsida. You control how detailed your profile is, beyond the basic contact information and other associated information that is available from other NTNU systems. NTNU encourages both faculty and staff to include a brief summary of their research interests, courses and/or responsibilities.

It is highly unusual for employee pages to be rendered inaccessible. If you should need to hide your contact information and other related identity information, contact your Head of Personell.

Student profile pages

If you are a student and have chosen not to opt into NTNU's directory service (via Studentweb pictured below), your profile page in Innsida will not be available to anyone other than yourself.

If you change this setting to "Yes" in Studentweb (See: Enlisting in the NTNU's Directory Service) your Innsida profile page will be visible to other students and employees who are logged into Innsida. Your profile will not be searchable or visible to the public.

Screenshot: Control visibility of your profile via Studentweb

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