Housing and sabbatical abroad

Are you going on a research stay abroad? On this page, you get information abou thousing abroad, as well as how you can go about renting out your own home during your research stay.

Norsk versjon: Bolig og forskningsopphold i utlandet

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Housing abroad

  • As a researcher you can use Sabbatical Homes.
  • You may also want to contact the host university to see if they offer housing to rent for their guest researchers, or if they have agreements or recommendations for rental agencies.
  • If you have the opportunity, check if anyone can look at the house for you and possibly film it /send pictures. It is strongly recommended that you do not transfer any money before you have physically seen the flat/house you want to rent.
  • Often the residential address is associated with the school / school district. Read more about school.

Beware of scams!

Renting out your house

Everyone who rents out private housing must familiarise themselves well with the laws and regulations governing rental.

  • If you rent out your house in Norway, you must check if you need to change your insurance.
  • If you have an apartment, or a home you can rent out, you can put up an housing announcement and advertise in the message channel «Bolig til leie/ønskes leid». You can fin more information at "Rent out you bed-sit or apartment".
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