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For students


Bolig - SiT

Rent from the Student Welfare Organization

You can choose between a bedsit (studio apartment), a shared apartment, or a group living situation when you rent from SiT (the Student Welfare Organization in Trondheim). Note that it is often more difficult to find student housing around the start of the term.


What is vacant

Check for vacant bedsits

Still no roof over your head?

Trondheim: New students who still don't have a place to live are eligible for a basic place to sleep at the beginning of the term.

Bolig - privat

Leie hybel privat

The private rental market

Look for housing online

Private student villages


Free housing ads

Innsida - You can advertise your housing needs/available housing on NTNU's intranet message channel "Bolig til leie/ønskes leid" [Housing for rent/Housing wanted]. 

Rent your flat

If you are going out of town for a longer period of time, for example to study abroad, you can get help to rent out your flat or bedsit