Schools for your children during your sabbatical year

Here you will find information about kindergartens and schools in connection with sabbatical abroad.

Norsk versjon - Barnehage og skole ved utenlandsopphold.

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Finding schools for your children abroad

If you take your sabbatical abroad, your host institution may be able to help you find schools or childcare for your children. In the same way as in Norway, the choice of school/school district is often linked to your residential address.

In addition you may also find information about schools and cindergartens following these resources:

Bring documentation that helps describe your child's schooling in Norway, such as reading lists or lesson plans. Some foreign schools require a health certificate and proof of vaccination.


Some countries schools have tuition fees. This is especially relevant in English speaking countries and in international schools where English is not the native language. Tuition costs, exceeding normal school/kindergarten expenses in Norway, can be tax deductible.


It is possible to apply to allow your child to be homeschooled if one parent is at home during your stay abroad. If you consider to take this approach, you should contact the Oppvekst Office in your municipality well before your departure date.

Leave of absence from Norwegian school

Leave of absence

Contact your child's school before you travel to find out what consequences, if any, your stay abroad will have for your child's further schooling in Norway. Typically, a child cannot be given more than a 14-day leave of absence from school. The usual practice is to withdraw your child from school during the time that you are abroad and enroll them again when you return from your sabbatical.

Leave of absence from private school

If you have children in a private school, you can apply for an extended leave of absence from the principal, but be aware that this can be denied, and/or your child could lose his or her spot at the school. If this happens you will have to apply again for a spot at the school well before you return to Norway.


If your child is in kindergarten you should check as soon as possible to see if your child's spot can be held for you during your absence. It is difficult for a kindergarten or preschool spot to be left empty for months while you are abroad and there is no guarantee that you will be able to keep your spot while you are away.