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Highlight research activities on My Profile

Some of your activities are more important than others and should not disappear in a long list of your activities. For example, you may want to highlight a book you've written, a music album you've released, or a research project that's particularly important.

Norsk versjon: Fremheve forskningsaktiviteter på Min profil
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To lift these individual contributions, you can use card display. This way you get a visual representation and clarification of what you believe to be your most important activities. In the map view, you can enter:

  • brief description and link to a website.
  • images of book covers, productions, music albums or the like that illustrate your research and dissemination activities. You do not need to use images if you do not have this available. Remember that you must have a license to the images you upload. If there is a photo credit on the website you are linking to, then that should be sufficient.

Three of the tabs in the menu give you this opportunity to highlight activity, these are: Research, Publications and Dissemination. Here you see how to do this.


Under the research tab, you can click on Enter research project.


Under publications you will find the Highlight publications button.


You can highlight media contributions and dissemination activity by adding a card display.


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