Email via iPhone or iPad

Here is how you set up your NTNU e-mail for iPhone and iPad as a student or employee. iOS users need to use the Outlook-app since the standard mail app on iOS does not support two-factor authentication. You can download the Outlook app on the app store.

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Log in to Outlook with Microsoft Authenticator already installed on your phone

First time using the outlook app you will need to add your account with the format

log in with format

After clicking Add Account you will be need to authenticate. On the Please Authenticate page you will click Open Authenticator and the Microsoft Authenticator app will open.

two-factor authentication pops up and you would press Open Authenticator

After authenticating you will be given the choice to add another account. Click the Maybe Later button and your NTNU e-mail account should be added to the Outlook app.

you get the choice to add another account, click maybe later

Log in to Outlook in iOS without the Microsoft Authenticator-app

Open the Outlook-app and log in with the format as shown below.

log in with the formate

After that, you will be directed to a new log in, where you will have to log in with FEIDE.

Type in your NTNU username and password, and log in.

FEIDE-portal where you will log in with NTNU username and password

If you get asked to add another account, choose the option Maybe later.

You should now be logged in with your NTNU e-mail in the Outlook-app.

Adding your NTNU e-mail in the Mail-app for iPhone and iPad

On your device, open your Settings and click on Mail

the setting called Mail in the iOS settings

Select Accounts.

Click on Add account

Select Add account

Choose the option Microsoft Exchange

Choose microsoft exchange

Fill in your NTNU e-mail in the format

Add a simple description for the account, for example "NTNU e-mail".

Click Next.

click next

Click on Sign in.

Click sign in

You will now be sent to the FEIDE-login. Log in with your NTNU username and password

Sign in with FEIDE and your NTNU username and passwoed

Lastly, pick the Mail app for the application you wish to connect to your NTNU e-mail

Select the mail app to connect to your NTNU e-mail

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Oracle Student Services can answer further questions about e-mail on iPhone and iPad.