October is the cybersecurity month. Nearly all of Europe and the US use this month to increase engagement, awareness, and knowledge about digital security among the population and in businesses. Security culture is this year's theme at NTNU.

On this page, students and employees find tips to increase their digital security, and information about what happens when we celebrate this year's cybersecurity month. You can attend digital lectures and complete e-learning courses.

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Cyber Security Month 2023


  • Digital lecture on security culture by Roar Thon from the National Security Authority
  • Digital lecture on personnel security and insider threats by Per Marius Frost-Nielsen from PST
  • Digital lecture on //Social Manipulation in the Age of AI// by Sander Knudsen Gangdal from TietoEvry

E-learning courses

Two e-learning courses from Sikresiden:

Security tip

  • 25.09.23 : Coincidences or bad luck can lead to digital security breaches. By increasing your knowledge, the likelihood of ending up in such situations decreases. Read more about how you can become safer in October
  • 02.10.23: Cybersecurity month has started. All students and emplyees at NTNU are encouraged to participate in compulsory training, a survey on safety culture and digital lectures on various safety topics.
  • 09.10.23: Who has access to my data? Do you have control that your user account is not lost, and do you know who has access to your files? By limiting access to only those who actually need it, you can help reduce the consequences of a compromised user account.
  • 16.10.23: Do you have full export control? Export controls must prevent knowledge and technology that can be directly or indirectly used for military purposes being exported from Norway. NTNU possess a lot of knowledge and technology that can be of value to others.
  • 23.10.23: Transparency is the key to building a good safety culture. When employees and students feel comfortable reporting errors, incidents and deviations, the organization can deal with these quickly. Read what happened to Ola Nordmann when he did not have a clear distinction between work and private life.

Security tip of the Week in 2022

Week 40: Values - how confidential is your information?

Did you know that a quick evaluation of the document you are working in increases the digital security? Read more about classifying documents.

Week 41: Password

Only 30% of the population in Norway uses different passwords for their computer, email and social media accounts. Learn how generate good passwords and to protect yourselves in a digital world.

Week 42: Report suspicious email

Have you received a spam or phishing e-mail? Report it! Use the "Report Message" button in Outlook to report unwanted e-mails.

Week 43: Correct management of personal data in your research projects

Do you work with research or are you a student doing research? In this week's security tip, you get five pieces of advice that make it a little easier to take care of research data with personal data. Remember that much of the advice is also relevant to other types of research data and information values.

General safety tips