Coordination agreement

When NTNU share facilities with SINTEF, St. Olavs Hospital or others, the HSE responsibility must be agreed upon and documented in a coordination agreement.

Norwegian version – Samordningsavtale

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When do you need a coordination agreement?

A coordination agreement is required only if several establishments at one worksite can constitute a working environment risk for each other. Coordination is required when several establishments work in the same areas and use the same resources or equipment.

The requirement of a coordination agreement is waived if 10 or fewer employees are employed at the facility and none of the establishments are considered the main company.

When NTNU employ contractors for work on our own premises, our HSE standards shall apply for activities included in the assignment.

Requirements for coordination agreements

The coordination agreement states which establishment has the main responsibility. The agreement also states which areas and/or activities are included in the coordination. The decision of which establishment is in the natural position to assume the responsibility, will depend on each individual case.

The coordination agreement can include employees, students, equipment, materials, facilities, training and information.

The coordination agreement shall be made in writing and signed by the manager and safety deputy of each establishment. The agreement must be documented.

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Approved by the Director of HSE – 22 October 2019 – HMSR55 

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