Communications plan - Conferences and events

As the organiser of an event you need to communicate with various groups about your conference: You need to speak to the participants, your partners, external partners, etc. Speak to a journalist to get press coverage, as well. It is very useful to develop a plan that describes what information you want to get out and how you can spread this information.

Norsk versjon - Kommunikasjonsplan for konferanse

Who do you need to get the information to?

  • The participants
  • The introductory speakers/The course instructors
  • The media

What channels should you use?

  • Webpages
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Letters
  • Posters   

Create a webpage or a wiki page

To make your own webpage under the NTNU domain, read more about domain names at NTNU. The page also lists people you can contact if you need advice or help. You can also create a wiki page to inform the world about the conference: contact the IT division via the Orakel Support Services

What to say when

You should create a webpage providing basic information as soon as possible. If you also want to have a discussion about the conference in social media, let your readers know on the webpage, and create a hashtag for the event that people can use in the conversation. Create a (closed) Facebook group, or a similar forum, if you want the participants to discuss topics prior to the event. Try to include the organisers in the discussion, as well.

Internal communication

Remember to give precise information to both participants and introductory speakers. It is very useful to have all of the necessary practical information on one web page.

Do you want feedback? Let the participants know and tell them how they can give feedback. If the participants are expected to evaluate the event, provide information about this prior to the event.

Do you want media coverage?

What do you want to tell the public about the event, and where do you want to tell it? Prepare your message!

  • Invite journalists, and give precise information about what the event is
    • Can they take pictures? What will they see?
    • What is the story? Put yourself in the journalist’s shoes.
  • Do you want to have the event documented?
    • If yes: Assign, or hire, a photographer. Remember to clarify copyright issues relating to the pictures.
  • Contact the Communications division if you have any questions

Raising the profile of NTNU

All events at NTNU must have a marked NTNU profile. You can use banners, posters and/or t-shirts with the NTNU logo. Printed and digital material should use the common NTNU design. Logo, templates and information about NTNU’s graphic profile


Do you want to make leaflets? Print shops that are affiliated with NTNU (in Norwegian)

Materials you can borrow from the Communications division

  • English and Norwegian posters
  • Large banners
  • Vertical banners
  • Flags for Elgeseter Bridge

Advertising materials must be approved

Materials used to advertise NTNU must be approved by the Communications division. NTNU has a framework agreement with Maskegruppen AS for advertising materials. Contact Eva Engen Vik or Knut Erik Jakobsen


It is important that the participants find their way to the conference venue. Make sure that signs pointing to the venue are visible and easy to follow. Order the signs in good time before the event. The NTNU graphic profile is mandatory, also on signs; Logo, templates and information about NTNU’s graphic profile

Flags at NTNU

Flags are always raised at NTNU during VIP visits or at special occasions.

Contact the custodian at Gløshaugen | Contact the custodian at Dragvoll

Flags raised elsewhere

A written application requesting flags to be raised is sent to Stabsenhet for byutvikling, two weeks before at the latest.
Send the application to Stabsenhet for byutvikling, Trondheim kommune

Trøndelag Fire and Rescue Service [Trøndelag brann- og redningsjeneste IKS] is responsible for raising the flag(s). If NTNU’s flag is to be raised it must be handed over to the main fire station in Kongens gate 2 in good time before the event. The flag must be picked up immediately after the event and returned to the Communications division.


Send an email to the Communications division | List of employees at the Communications division