Blackboard - Known issues

This page lists known issues and some possible workarounds in Blackboard.

Norsk versjon - Blackboard - kjente feil

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This page will be updated on a regular basis - Last update: 02.11.2018

Error message when attempting to login

Error messages such as "Header too long"/"ADFS error" and similar can often be resolved by deleting your cookies or empying the browser cache. The issue has been reported to the service provider.

Grade Center missing scroll bars in Chrome and Safari on Mac

Open "System Preferences" on your computer. Choose "General". Under "Show scroll bars" choose "Always".

Rich-text format not working in the text editor in the app

Embedding videos is therefore also not working in the app. The service provider is working on a fix for this issue.

Assignments do not disappear from "to do"-list

The issue has been reported to the service provider and is being troubleshooted.

Paste-button in editor not working

The issue will be fixed in an upcoming patch of the system. We recommend using the keyboard combination CTRL+V as a workaround.


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