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This guide explains how to install the Blackboard app for students. The app offers a fresh design with push notifcations to keep the students up-to-date with their courses. The app is supported on the following operating systems:

Norsk versjon - Blackboard App for studenter

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Important note: The Blackboard app is available to students only. You need to be a student in a course at NTNU to log-on to the Blackboard App, download the Blackboard Instructor app if you are a lecturer. 

Downloading the app

  1. Download the app from:
    App store (IOS) or Google play (Android)

              IOS.9.0+                        Android 4.2+
    Blackboard App - App Store Blackboard APp - Google Play
    Blackboard app - Download
  2. Choose NTNU as your institution and login (Logg på) with your Feide account:
    Blackboard app - Log on

Exploring the app

The app looks different from the web site, but it still provides almost all the web features for the students

  1. Activity stream (Aktivitietsstrøm)
    This page is the default landing page of the app and offers smart updates on your courses.
  2. Courses (Emner)
    The tab offers access to all course content.
  3. Grades (Resultater)
    Here you will find all of your grades for assignments and tests taken on Blackboard.
  4. Due dates (Leveringsfrister)
    This tab has a calender with a list of tasks and their due dates.
  5. Settings (Innstillinger)
    Here you can attach cloud storage such as OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox.
    Blackboard app - Overview

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