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Always On VPN

This page is about the VPN service Always On VPN. The service will be implemented during autumn of 2021 and rolled out in batches. Always On VPN replaces Cisco AnyConnect VPN on managed PCs.

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What is VPN?

VPN is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Network, and acts as a "secure tunnel" between your computer and NTNU's computer network and - systems. The traffic in the tunnel is encrypted and cannot be monitored. Use of VPN thus secures traffic to NTNU and will at the same time make your machine part of NTNU's computer network. This gives you access to services which only are reachable from NTNU's network, even if you are off campus.

Always On VPN

Always On VPN (AON) is a service that replaces Cisco AnyConnect VPN on managed PCs. Unlike Cisco AnyConnect, AON will automatically connect you to NTNU's resources via VPN. Note that AON is only active when you are off NTNU's campuses.

Automatic VPN

Data traffic to and from NTNU will automatically be encrypted and sent through the tunnel, while other traffic such as online newspapers, streaming services, etc. will be transferred in the usual way. This also applies to NTNU cloud services such as Teams and Zoom.


Sometimes it may be desirable that all traffic from your computer is encrypted and sent through VPN. This may be relevant if you are in countries where you can be monitored, or if you use unsecured networks in cafes and the like. If needed, connect to NTNU VPN in this way:

  1. Click the network icon in the lower right corner of the screen.
  2. Select NTNU VPN and then Connect.

  3. To end the VPN session, select Disconnect from the same location

NTNU VPN Reserve

Some networks do not support the NTNU VPN settings. If you are unable to connect to NTNU VPN, use NTNU VPN Reserve.


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