Absence due to illness

This page supplies information on what to do if you are absent from work due to illness.

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Watch tutorial on how to "Report absence" in the HR-portal (3:56)

Self-certified sick leave - notifying your employer

You are entitled to 24 self-certifies days of sick leave throughout a period of 12 months. Please note that the 12 months are valid from date to date, not from January 1 to December 31. In other words, it will not be reset at the transition to the new year.

In case of becoming ill, you must notify your immediate leader as soon as possible during your first day of absence.

 Report absence through the HR-portal

Use the following procedure:

  1. Log in to the «HR portal», choose absence («fravær»)
  2. Under the menu new absences (“nye fravær”), choose add (Click the "+" icon)
  3. Choose self-certified sick leave (“syk v/egenmelding”)
  4. Fill in the period of your absence date to date
  5. Save your registration and choose send for registration control at the HR-HSE Division

Any absence due to illness further than 8 continuous calendar days, or 8 days within a 16 day- period, must be document by a doctor-certified sick leave. Absence due to illness exceeding 16 calendar days, requires 16 full days of work before you are entitled to paid sick leave again.

When not to use self-certified sick-leave

One may not use a self-certified sick leave when at the same time being on a partial doctor-certified sick leave. A new doctor-certified sick leave with a new, correct percentage for your sick leave grade will be required in such cases. Nor can self-certified sick leave be used at the same time as receiving any benefits from NAV (Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration), such as work assessment allowance.

Newly employed and ill

In order to be entitled to self- certified sick leave, you must have been an employee at NTNU for over 2 months. In cases of becoming ill before 2 months of employment, a doctor- certified sick leave is required.

Doctor- certified sick leave

In cases of a doctor- certified sick leave, you must notify your immediate leader as soon as possible during your first day of absence, as well as submitting a digital doctor- certified sick leave through Note: Your doctor submits the sick leave certification electronically to You must then log in to and submit it forward to NAV and your employer yourself. Principally, all employees should submit their doctor-certified sick leave digitally. Read more about exceptions here.

When you are on sick leave, you are entitled to close and early follow- up by your immediate leader. However, you have certain obligations and responsibilities as an employee as well.

For the first 16 calendar days of your sick leave, NTNU is responsible for paying sickness benefits. As of the 17th calendar day, NAV is responsible for paying the sickness benefits. However, at NTNU the employee will receive his/her salary from NTNU as normal, and from the 17th day of absence due to illness, NTNU will receive a refund from NAV.

You may receive sickness benefits for a maximum of 52 weeks. This time limit applies even if you have been on full or partial sick leave. In order to be entitled to sickness benefits again, you must have been fully back to work for 26 weeks after you last received sickness benefits from us.

Medical treatments during working hours

If you are receiving regular treatment such as physical therapy or similar, your doctor may prescribe a doctor-certified sick leave for a maximum of 1 single treatment day per week for this type of absence. In such cases, a confirmation from the physical therapist, therapist and/or examiner must be added to the doctor-certified sick leave



If you have questions about absence and illness, you can contact your nearest leader. You can also contact the Occupational Health Services for advice and guidance.

If you have questions regarding the rules around absence and illness, contact the service center:

 NTNU Hjelp