Søknadshjelpen - The Grants Office for MH and Helse Midt-Norge

Søknadshjelpen (the Grants Office) provides advice and support to researchers from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (MH Faculty, NTNU), St. Olavs Hospital and Helse Midt-Norge Regional Health Authorities who are applying for external funding.


What does Søknadshjelpen offer?

  • Help to find funding opportunities that fit your research interests. Our advisers have an in-depth overview of international and national funding opportunities. We can help you to find funding opportunities suited to your particular research interests/group/career stage, both in the short and long-term.  
  • Hands on support with your grant application. Our advisers will help you to understand the requirements of the funder; advise you on how to set up your budget; assist with online application forms and other administrative requirements of the funder; review your grant application to help you to target it to funder's evaluation criteria. For large grant applications where NTNU is in the lead (e.g. collaborative Horizon Europe applications where NTNU is the project coordinator), we can help you to manage the application process, including setting up timelines, dividing responsibilities, and managing communication with project partners.   
  • Contractual management: we can assist you with contract negiotations with the funder, and for collaborative projects, we can advise you on how to set up a consortium agreement. 
  • Training: We offer training in a wide range of topics related to external funding (including training in specific funding schemes and how to write grant applications). See below for our upcoming training events.

Templates, Guidelines and Tools

Procedures for ERC and Coordinated Horizon Europe Proposals

All scientific staff at the MH faculty must submit an "Expression of Interest" (EOI) at least 6 months before the EU application deadline if they wish to submit a proposal to:

  • The ERC Starting Grant or Consolidator Grant scheme
  • A coordinated Horizon Europe (HEU) proposal

Scientific staff must follow the procedure (.pdf) for submitting an EOI, and use the appropriate template for ERC (.docx) or template for coordinated HEU proposals (.docx). As part of the EOI, scientific staff may also request funding to support them in the preparation of their EU proposal. If funding is to be requested, the budget template (.xlsx) must be completed and sent along with the EOI to Scientific staff who do not submit an EOI within the specified time frame, or who submit an EOI that is deemed uncompetitive, will be able to access neither financial support nor support from Søknadshjelpen in the preparation of their EU proposal.

Timetable (.pdf) of EOI deadlines for ERC & HEU calls with a deadline of 2023 or early 2024

Useful Links

Upcoming Events

Internal events

  • NTNU's 2023 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions – Postdoctoral Fellowships (PF) Symposium - the morning of June 6th and 7th. (Registration by May 26th). 
  • NTNU's 2023 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions – Doctoral Networks (DN) Symposium - June 12th (Registration by June 8th)

External events

Contact Søknadshjelpen


For general inquiries about EU funding opportunities, please use:

Meet the Team

Emma Walton
Emma Louise Walton

Senior Research Adviser
(EU funding),
Coordinator of Søknadshjelpen

Fredrik Bækkerud
Fredrik Hjulstad Bækkerud
Research Adviser
(National funding and NIH)

Ayesha Ibitoye
Ayeshat Ibitoye

Research Adviser
(EU funding)

Laila Berg
Laila Berg

Senior Research Adviser 
(National funding)

Bjarte aune
Bjarte Aune Bergstrøm

Research Adviser, St Olavs Hospital
(Clinical research)

Vikram Singh Parmar
Vikram Singh Parmar
Innovation Adviser

Siri Elisabeth Haug
Siri Elisabeth Haug

Senior Adviser
Education-related funding opportunities

Aleksandra Hvamb
Aleksandra Hvamb

Financial Adviser
(EU and national funding)

Christine Berndtsson
Christin Berndtsson
Research and innovation Advisor

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