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For many PhD-candidates, the beginning of your PhD-period will primarily be concerned with getting acquainted with the research group and completing the project description. If you have gained admission based on a preliminary project description, a complete project description must be handed in no later than three months after admission. Writing the project description is generally done in close cooperation with your supervisor.

The complete project description should be about 5 to 10 pages long and contain the following information:

  • Details of the subject, research questions, theory and method
  • Risk assessment of the project
  • Academic outline of the project
  • Progress plan
  • Description of any legal or ethical issues raised by the project and how these should be resolved

Avoid abbreviations in the title of the thesis.

Faculty-specific information

At the Faculty of Architecture and Design (AD), Faculty of Humanities (HF) and Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (MH), the complete project description is generally handed in along with the application for admission. The requirements for the complete project description are detailed above.

At the Faculty of Natural Sciences (NV) a complete or preliminary project description must be submitted together with the application. The complete project description is to be signed by you and your supervisor before it is submitted to your department.

At the Faculty of Social and Educational Sciences (SU) the project description must normally consist of a maximum of 10 pages in addition to the bibliography.

At the Faculty of Engineering (IV), you must submit a preliminary project description together with the application for admission. You submit the complete project description as the exam in the mandatory PhD course IFEL8000. IV faculty has a template that you must use when writing the complete project description. 


Some faculties have guidelines or templates for writing a project description. These guidelines may also be useful for PhD candidates from other fields even though a specific faculty has created them for their candidates.

Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Humanities

Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering