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On this page you will find a link to the master's agreement:

 Master's agreement for master's students at NTNU 

Here are the guidelines, rights and obligations for the master's agreement:

 Terms and conditions

Please contact your department if you have any questions regarding the master's agreement. 

Hours of supervision in connection with the master's thesis

The extent of the supervision (measured in work hours) to which the student is entitled to in connection with work on the master’s thesis at the Faculty of Humanities (HF) depends on the scope of the master’s thesis measured in credits. In addition, the Composition option in the master’s programme in Musicology has its own standard hours:

Master’s thesisTotal hoursDirect supervision time
52.5/60 credits60 hours20 hours
30/45 credits40 hours13.5 hours
Musicology, Composition programme option150 hours60 hours

This standardization and weighting applies regardless of whether completion is expected to take longer than the nominal length of study. The hours worked include both direct conference/supervision time with the student and preparatory and follow-up time for the supervisor. The time calculated for direct supervision and preparatory/follow-up time is weighted in the ratio 1:3; that is, direct supervision time amounts to a total of 1/3 of the total hours worked. 

Students who have exceeded the nominal length of study and do not have an approved agreement on leave of absence or part-time studies are not entitled to supervision.

The midway discussion is included in the hours assigned to supervision.

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