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Software information

Textpad is a general text editor for pure text files. This can be used (for example) for coding in different programming languages with font colours for different syntaxes. This is not just a replacement for Windows Notepad but a more advanced editor. Whether you simply need a powerful replacement for Notepad, a tool for editing your web pages, or a programming IDE, TextPad does what you want, the way you would expect.

Some attributes that Textpad has are:

  • Support for Windows drag and drop
  • Copy/paste from text blocks
  • Supports macros
  • Can display code for binary files, C/C++, Java, HTML and more
  • Font coloring for different syntaxes
  • Adjusting of menus

License information

Site license: Available for Microsoft Windows.

Used by several units at NTNU.

Note that the program can only be used for academic work and not for commercial work.


Supplier information

Manufacturer: See more about Textpad at Helios Software Solutions

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