Registration of move to Norway for international students

Information about how to register your Norwegian address in Studentweb and with the postal service.

Topic page for new international students 

When you arrive in Norway

  1. Change your address in Studentweb: The first time you log on to Studentweb you must change your semester address under "registrations" on the left hand side of the menu. If you do not change your address, mail coming from NTNU will not reach you. If applicable, make sure to remove the information from the field c/o. 
  2. Register your address with the postal service: In order to receive mail, you will also need to register with the postal service. Fill out the form "Permanent change of address for private individuals". Bring the form to your nearest post office, together with official ID, and tell them that you want to register your address. Do this as soon as possible after arrival in Norway. Note: Do not fill in the section about redirection of mail as this does not apply for change of address from abroad.

Moving within Norway

Everyone who moves within Norway must report to the National Population Register within eight days of moving. 

Leaving Norway when you finish your studies

When you leave Norway you  must report the move to the National Population Register by filling out the form "Reporting a move from Norway".

If you are moving to one of the other Nordic countries, you do not need to submit this form. 

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