National ID number for international students

Information regarding the application process for a national ID-number for international students.

Topic page for new international students 

If you have a residence permit to stay in Norway for more than six months, and you are staying for more than six months, you will need a national ID-number from the National Population Register.

When to apply

  • Nordic students: You can apply once you have arrived in Norway
  • EU/EEA students: You can apply as soon as you have received your registration certificate
  • Non-EU/Non-EEA students: You will get an ID-number automatically if you are staying in Norway for more than 6 months. You do not need to apply

Non-EU/non-EEA students

Non-EU/non-EEA students staying in Norway for more than 6 months will automatically receive an ID-number a couple of weeks after registering at the police station. You do not need to apply.

EU/EEA/Nordic students - how to apply

  1. Fill out the form "Moving to Norway"
    1. You can tick ‘No’ to “Are you a commuter from a EEA/EU-country?”
  2. Book an appointment:
    1. Trondheim: Skatt Midt-Norge Trondheim
    2. Gjøvik: Skatt Øst Gjøvik
    3. Ålesund: Skatt Midt-Norge Ålesund 
  3. Bring the form to the The National Population Register, which is co-located with the Norwegian Tax Administration (Skatteetaten). 
  4. In addition to the form, you must bring your: 
    1. Passport
    2. Residence permit (residence card/registration certificate)
    3. NTNU student card and semester card
    4. Housing contract

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