Radiation protection coordinators

What follows is an overview of radiation protection coordinators at NTNU.

Norsk versjon - Strålevernkoordinator

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NTNU's central radiation protection coordinator is Ann Kristin Sjaastad

Academic units that have several radiation protection coordinators also have one main contact. You can also contact the main contact if your specific group does not have a local radiation protection coordinator.

  1. MH - Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
  2. IE - Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering
  3. IV - Faculty of Engineering
  4. NV - Faculty of Natural Sciences
  5. OK - Faculty of Economics and Management
  6. SU - Faculty of Social and Educational Sciences
  7. NTNU Nanolab
  8. NTNU University Museum
  9. NTNU i Ålesund
  10. NTNU i Gjøvik

MH - Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences



Comparative Medicine Core Faculty Trine Skoglund 
Kavli institut for Systems Neuroscience Centre for Neural Computation

Paulo Girão Bettencourt

Deputy:  Alice Burøy

Department of Clinical and Molecular Medicine

Linh Hoang (Main contact)

Veslemøy Malm Landsem (alternate Main contact) 

Per Arne Aas (isotopes)

Kjartan Egeberg (Lasers)

Department of Neuromedicine and Movement Science Marit Stjern

Department of Public Health and Nursing

Kirsti Kvaløy

Deputy: Ann Helen Melby

Department of Circulation and Medical imaging Albertina Rusandu


IE - Faculty of Information Technology Electrical Engineering



Department of Electronic Systems

Sverre Vegard Pettersen

Deputy:  Tron Arne Nilsen

Department of Electric Power Engineering Halsten Aastebøl
Department of Engineering Cybernetics Knut Reklev


IV - Faculty of Engineering



Department of Energy and Process Engineering

Halvor Haukvik

Department of Marine Technology (IMT)

Einar Magnus Aasen

Deputy: Gisle Martin Haugseth

Department of Geoscience and Petroleum

Torill Sørløkk 

Deputy:  Camilo Mena Silva

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Thuat Trinh
Department of Structural Engineering         

Tone H. Nilsen

Deputy: Karoline Bjørgum

Department of mechanical and industrial engineering Arve Skorstad


NV - Faculty of Natural Sciences



Department of Biology

Grethe Stavik Eggen

Deputies: Than Thuy Thi Nguyen and Trude Johansen

Department of Biotechnology and Food Science

Amalie Johanne H. Mathisen

Deputy: Martin Gimmestad


Department of Physics

Oddbjørn Grandum 

Deputy: Sylvie Lelu

Department of Chemical Engineering Gøril Flatberg

Department of Chemistry

Melanie Siah

Deputy: Marit Syversveen  

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Elvia Anabela Chavez Panduro

Deputy: Morten Raanes


OK - Faculty of Economics and Management



Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management (IØT)

Rikke Bramming Jørgensen

Deputy: Kjerstina Røhme


SU - Faculty of Social and Educational Sciences



Department of Teacher Education

Jan Tore Malmo

Deputy:  Ellen Andersson


NTNU Nanolab



NTNU Nanolab

Ken Roger Ervik

Deputy:  Verner Håkonsen


NTNU University Museum



Nasjonallaboratoriene for datering

Martin Seiler

Deputy:  Marte Iversen Rønning

Department of Archaeology and Cultural History

Marte Iversen Rønning

Deputy: Martin Seiler


NTNU in Ålesund

Coordinator:  Hans Christian Giske. Deputy: Harald Jan Skarstein


NTNU in Gjøvik

Coordinator: Astrid Berntsen. Deputy: Tone Kristin Sørensen