Pregnancy and vibrations

These guidelines apply to pregnant employees and students who are working in environments where they are exposed to vibrations, and their leaders.

Norsk versjon - Gravide og vibrasjoner

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Information for pregnant employees/students

Pregnant employees/students should be particularly careful when working in facilities where they are exposed to vibrations, and be aware of the effects that this can have on them and their foetus.

See also the general guidelines about pregnancy during work or studies, accommodation, leave and more.

Information for leaders

Exposure to vibrations can be unfavourable for pregnant women and their foetuses. Take this into consideration if you are responsible for pregnant employees or students.

The pregnant employee/student's own view of the situation should also be part of the assessment of the working conditions. If the pregnant employee/student wants alternative tasks or a relocation, the employer should comply with these wishes when possible.

See also the general guidelines about accommodation, risk assessment, leave and more.

Whole body vibrations

  • Pregnant women should not be exposed to strong whole body vibrations and/or blows to the body, e.g. while driving off-road vehicles.
  • Exposing the entire body to vibrations over time can increase the risk for premature birth or low birth weight.
  • Whole body vibrations in passenger cars, buses, lorries or trains, or on planes or boats, do not involve any risk.

Vibrations in hands/arms

  • Can cause vascular and/or neurological harm to hands/arms. Examples: White fingers, decreased sensation to touch, decreased motor skills, numbness.
  • Can cause harm to muscles/skeleton in hands/arms. Examples: Pain, loss of strength, carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • There is little research on whether exposure to vibrations in hands/arms can cause effects that affect pregnant women and foetuses in particular.


NTNU regulations




Approved by the Director of HSE – 25 August 2014 – HMSRV5106E – ePhorte 2014/.....