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Overview page of several scholarships and grants that could be relevant for you as an exchange student

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When applying for an exchange study abroad you are automatically considered for one of the scholarships administered by NTNU. This includes the Erasmus, Nordplus, Total and NTNU scholarships. In addition to these scholarships, there are several other means of receiving financial support. Looking through this page, and also doing some research yourself, can provide you with a lot of different opportunities. As a lot of the referred pages are in Norwegian, we advise you to use a page translator where english versions are not available.

Scholarships and grants for exhange students

  1. Sofies Minde - Foundation for support for people with disabilities
  2. Legat til Henrik Homans minne: Travel scholarship for students of the civil engineering or civil architect programmes at NTNU.
  3. Norges tekniske høgskoles fond: Travel scholarship for Phd-students of the civil engineering and civil architect programmes at NTNU.
  4. International scholarships from The research council of Norway: For Phd-students, but will sometimes grant scholarships for Bachelor's and Master's level students.
  5. Aker Scholarship is a scholarship for Master'degree and Phd-level students doing a full degree at some of the worlds leading universities in the USA, Great Britain and Singapore
  6. Johan Helmich Janson and Marcia Jansons legat

China and Japan

  1. Travel scholarship for the summer course at Fudan University, China
  2. State scholarship to China
  3. JASSO Short-term Student Exchange: Scholarships for all diciplines
  4. Japanese Studies Scholarships: For students in Japanese studies
  5. Overview page for Scholarships to Japan 

USA and Canada

There are several ways to finance an exchange stay to the USA or Canada. In particular you should know about these options:

  1. The Norway-America Association (NORAM)
  2. The U.S.-Norway Fulbright Foundation for Educational Exchange (Fulbright)
  3. Legathåndboken - Norwegian directory of grants and endowments


  1. Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst e.V. (DAAD)

The Nordics

  1. Nordic Contact ScholarshipThe main goal of the Nordic Contact Scholarship is to increase the academic and cultural contact between NTNU students and student at colleges and universities in the Nordics through events related to similar subjects and classes.
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