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On this Wiki you will find information on how to get started on making your own online course.

Do you want to make your research and skills development easily accessible in an engaging way? Making an online course might be the right thing for you.

Why online course?

In a lifelong perspective on teaching and learning, online courses are a part of the solution (Langseth, n.d.)

  • An online course can give access to education to all. Location, economy and other barriers does not affect the participants opportunity to take the course.
  • Maybe a lecture at 9 am isn’t possible for all. Timeframes are not a hindrance in online courses. The participants can take the course whenever it suits themselves and in their own tempo.
  • Online courses can be made in different ways. It can be fully online, or you can make a hybrid course; Partly online, partly on campus.
  • An online course can have many different user groups. The course can be made for both higher education, social life and business.

Different types of online courses

  • At NTNU professionals develop both open courses, accessible for all and closed courses, assigned to specific groups.
  • The different professional environments can choose to let participants that completes a course eligible for a course certificate, or the opportunity to sign up for a digital exam by registering as a student at NTNU.
  • Some educators at NTNU create short online courses as learning resources to be used in one or more of their traditional courses. For example DigSam which is an online course about digital safety for health and social studies students.

Digit - NTNUs platform for online courses

Digit is NTNU's own platform for online courses. You can read more about Digit on this wiki page.

Take an online course on how to make an online course

We recommend that you follow DriveX - An online course on how to make an online course. This might give a common understanding on what you want to develop and give a team the opportunity to work together towards a common goal.

Examples on online courses at NTNU

  • AmmE-learning. Target group: Students and health personnel. Open for all.
  • MH2000 technology understanding. Obligatory course for several study programs on MH. Open only for students at MH.
  • Digital transformation and sustainability. Series of several online courses offered as continuing education. Open for all.

Get started

Do you want to develop continuing education courses? Contact Continuing Education and Professional Development - NTNU