New employee trial period

New employees at NTNU ordinarily have a six months probationary period. During this time, you will be given the guidance you need to do your job, as well as an evaluation of your work. 

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Probationary period 

When you are employed by the Norwegian state (as is the case when you work for the university) you are normally subject to a six months probationary period.

Termination during probation 

As a newly employed, you are to be given the necessary guidance you need to do your job and regular feedback about the quality and acceptability of your work, as well as an evaluation of your work during the probationary period. Your employer must be able to supply sufficient documentation that such guidance, feedback and evaluation has found place before any notice of termination is given during the probation period.

Your employment can be terminated with a1 month notice during your probationary period if:

  • You are unable to do the work required for your job
  • If you fail to meet the reasonable requirements for skills or reliability

Probationary period regulations 

In the case of an employee`s absence during the probationary period, NTNU may prolong the probationary period equivalent to the period the employee has been absent. This requires a written notification about the employer`s authority to do so.

The probationary period regulations are available under the Norwegian Civil Service Act § 15, (in Norwegian), and included in the contract of employment.

New probationary period when changing from one position to another within NTNU 

When an employee changes from one position at NTNU to another, the employee is required to undergo a new probationary period. The appointment board for civil servants must decide if a new probationary period should not not apply.

Updated 09.05.18