Mentor programme

Some departments will assign a mentor for new employees. Your mentor will help you during your first days on the job to ensure you get off to a good start in your new position.

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Your personal mentor

Your mentor's assignment is to give you practical and social information so that you can get settled in your new position as quickly as possible. Your mentor will often have the same type of job as you have. If you are a PhD candidate, for example, you might be assigned another PhD candidate as your mentor.

Your mentor will have the following assignments:

  • Show you around and introduce you to your new colleagues
  • Go over practical issues (key card, closet areas, meeting rooms, group lunches, etc.)
  • Make certain you have the equipment you need and ensure that you have access to the applicable networks and systems
  • Familiarize you with the office routines on work hours, holidays, HSE and related personnel information
  • Make sure you understand your work assignments
  • Eat lunch with you, or make sure that other work colleagues do

The mentor programme usually lasts 2-3 months. You also should make sure to keep in contact with your mentor and other colleagues.

Your first days

During your first work week, you will have an introductionary meeting that will acquaint you with your division and NTNU in its entirety. This will later be followed up with by an additional meeting and your option to participate at the annual Rector meets new employees.

The different faculties offer PhD candidates their own separate course.

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