Your illumination needs change as you age. The nature of your work, impaired vision and disease can also affect what type of lighting you need in the workplace.

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Work environment and lighting

Lighting conditions in the workplace affect the safety and efficiency of your job performance. Lighting is also of importance for your health and well-being. Light conditions are affected by:

  • General lighting scheme
  • Blinding
  • Day light and outdoor vision
  • The distribution of light in a room
  • Light strength
  • Spot lighting

Contact Occupational Health Services if you wish to evaluate the lighting conditions in your workplace.

Relevant questions to ask in an HSE inspection

  • To what extent are the requirements met in terms of lighting: daylight, view, general lighting and point lighting?
  • Does the unit have individuals (due to age, illnesses, impaired vision) or activities (laboratory, workshop) with particular needs in terms of lighting?
  • Does the unit have employees who experience the lighting as uncomfortable (too little, too much, reflections in PC screen, glare from lightning fixture)?



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Approved by Director of HSE - August 24st 2015 - HMSR50E - ePhorte 2016/3901