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Software information

LabVIEW can be used for data collection tasks from instruments with a PC and can also analyse and present the collected data.

National Instruments "Academic Site License" is a collection of programs for data collection with a PC (virtual instruments) from instruments. LabView is also used for automation, instrument control and analysis and presentation of collected data. NTNU has the agreement called "Campus Teaching Option". For more about the Academic Site License,see: Release Notes

LabVIEW has a graphic programming language which one can use to create virtual instruments on the PC. For more information, see NI Software Portfolio

To see the programs included in the Academic Site License, see: Software Included in NI Academic Site License

LabVIEW works well with Excel, Matlab and Simulink. For more information, see LabVIEW and Connectivity with Third-Party.

When using the NAG (Numerical Algorithms Group) Subroutine Library from LabVIEW users gain access to a wide array of mathematics tools. Please see NAG's website more information.


Data Processing Agreement

LabVIEW requires a data processing agreement.

Status: In process.

Available LabVIEW products under "Academic Site License"

For the entire contents of the program package, see NI LabVIEW Release Details and Software Included in the NI Academic Site License.

Supplier information

Manufacturer: See more about LabVIEW at National Instruments

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