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On this page you will find information on how NTNU follows up employees with illness over a longer period of time.

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Illness and sick leave | Health, environment and security

The Inclusive Workplace Agreement (IA) aims to create a working life with room for everyone by preventing absence due to illness and in this way increase employment. This means, among other things, that you as an employee will receive close follow-up during the period of illness. This should make it easier to return to work.

Employee support

Managers, union representatives, safety representatives and other employees are obliged to cooperate so that those who are about to drop out of work are well taken care of. As an employee, you should be given the best opportunities to fully participate in your workplace tasks. If you are on long-term sick leave, the belief in your own ability to cope may diminish with each passing day. NTNU ensures that measures are implemented to reintegrate you into the workforce.


Inclusive workplace at NTNU network (IA-nettverket)

Network manager: Nathalie Gaulin Brovold

HR and HSE Division

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Inclusive workplace at NTNU

The letter of intent for a more inclusive working life is an agreement between the parties in the labor market and the government. NTNU's main goal for Inclusive Workplace is to increase the presence of all employees. NTNU aims to facilitate that employees are given the best opportunities to fully participate in their work tasks at their own workplace. In this context, there should be a particular focus on creating increased presence in the workplace, thereby reducing absence due to illness. Additionally, NTNU will ensure that employees are taken care of during a sick leave period and that measures are implemented to reintegrate the employee into work, preventing the person from dropping out of the workforce.

Action plan and agreements

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