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The guidelines for home office in a normal situation – not in extraordinary situations, such as during a pandemic.

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The main rule for all employees at NTNU is that you have a permanent workplace on campus. It may nevertheless be appropriate both for you as an employee and for the employer that you can work a few days from home during a working week over a longer period of time.

You cannot require a permanent home office, nor can the employer impose it on you, but you can agree on such an agreement which must be done in writing.

It is important to consider that if you come to an agreement with the manager about having an home office for an extended period of time, you still have a duty to contribute to the working environment in the unit where you work.

These are some of the rules for using a home office:

  • The working hours are the same as when working from the office.
  • Home office agreements can be entered for a maximum of six months at a time, and you and your manager can agree that up to 40 per cent of your working hours are done at the home office.
  • NTNU covers basic equipment such keyboard, mouse, and monitor.
  • Make sure that no physical loads occur because of home office.
  • You must be prepared for the manager to call you in for attendance at the office also on days where a home office is agreed – for example at meetings.

Read the guidelines for using a home office here

Even if you do not have such an agreement for a permanent home office, there may be a need to work from home for a shorter period of time – e.g. if you are going to carry out concentration work. You will agree this with your manager from time to time.

Last updated 20.04.21

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