Hazardous goods - Safety Adviser

If you need help classifying, packaging, filling, loading or sending hazardous goods, you can get assistance from the NTNU Safety Adviser.

Norsk versjon - Farlig gods - sikkerhetsrådgiver

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The Safety Adviser can

  • help with risk assessments and questions about legislation and transport of hazardous goods
  • prepare and revise guidelines
  • perform inspections and assist with training related to hazardous goods

Disposal of hazardous waste

Even if NTNU has a Safety Adviser, we should still contact Norsk Gjenvinning AS with questions regarding packaging, labelling and ordering transport of hazardous waste. See Handling hazardous and chemical wastes for more information about the disposal of hazardous and chemical waste. 

Requirement for a Safety Adviser

Regulation of land-carriage of hazardous goods § 10 (in Norwegian) and ADR/RID 2015 chapter 1.8 (in Norwegian) sets forth that establishments whose activities comprise transport, packaging, filling or unloading of hazardous goods must have one or several Safety Adviser(s). 

 "Hazardous goods" are substances and items of which transport is illegal pursuant to ADR/RID (in Norwegian), or only allowed under the conditions specified in these regulations. NTNU is subject to these regulations with regard to, among other things, classification, packaging, filling, loading and sending of hazardous goods to be transported on public roads. 

NTNU regulations



  • Safety Adviser: Norsk Gjenvinning AS v/ Einar Finstuen,, tel. 975 29 395 (8 am - 4 pm, all working days).
  • HSE Adviser: Arve Johansen, (for general questions about the Safety Adviser function)