Grants and gifts to employees

Below you can find an overview of guidelines for appreciations and gifts for employees.

Norsk versjon: Påskjønnelser og gaver til ansatte

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Equal treatment

Employees at NTNU occasionally receive gifts or appreciations from NTNU. The most important principle for such gifts is that employees will be treated as equally as possible.

The guidelines will not limit employees from being celebrated or being given positive attention at other life events.


  • At 25 years of continuous service = Gift/giftcard ca. 3.000 NOK
  • At 40 years of continuous service= Gift/giftcard ca. 5.000 NOK
  • Retirement after at least 3 years = Gift/giftcard 3.000 NOK
  • At 50th birthday = Gift/giftcard ca. 1.500 NOK
  • At 60th birthday = Gift/giftcard ca. 1.500 NOK
  • At 70th birthday = Gift/giftcard ca. 1.500 NOK
  • Serious illness = Flowers
  • Funeral = Funeral flowers, by custom

Who can receive gifts?

All NTNU employees are being recognized by this guideline, both full time and part time employees, as well as temporary employees. Employees in associate- or additional positions (bistillinger) are not seen as part of the guidelines, but NTNU gives appreciations case by case.

If you return after long time permitted leave, you are considered part of the arrangement upon return. The same applies if you retire by the end of a permission.

Gift cards need to be granted in such a way that it cannot be exchanged into cash.

Responsibilities of the faculties

In association with funerals it is the faculties/units which have the responsibility for buying funeral flowers from NTNU, in addition to arranging the memorial service, if appropriate. If there is a wish for Rectors participation in the funeral, Rectors secretariat must be contacted.


  • It is the leader who is responsible for following the guidelines.
  • The faculties/departments are responsible for keeping an overview of employees who will receive gifts, and to place the purchase. Expenses are deducted from the unit to which the employee belongs.
  • It is possible to purchase gift items which are specially made for the purpose. Please read more at about General purchasing agreements (NTNUs rammeavtaler).
  • In agreement with the employee, it is also possible to buy a gift. A card with greeting from Rector can be attached. Such a card may be bought at Akademika. This does not apply for flowers at serious illness, or for buying funeral flowers.
  • The local unit arranges a small event for handing over the appreciation/gift. The expenses are to be covered over the units budget.


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