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This guide will show you how you set up one or several standard signatures for your e-mails.

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Add signature to Outlook

The procedure of addign signatures to your e-mails in the Outlook app differs if you have a Mac or Windows PC.

Signature in Outlook for Windows

Open Outlook on your computer.

Click on New Item, Insert and then Signature.

clickin on new item

clicking on insert and then signature

From here on you can add a new signature by pressing New. Write out your signature, choose which font to use and so on.

When you have finished typing out your signature, press Save.

adding new signature by clicking new and then writing your text

Signature in Outlook for Mac

Open the Outlook application on your Mac.

Click on the Outlook tab up in the left-hand corner on the toolbar and click on Settings.

clickin on the outlook tab and then settings

Choose Signatures and click on the plus button to add a new signature.

clicking on signatures and then the plus to add a new signature

Add your new signature.

adding your text to the signature

Signature in Outlook as Webmail

To add a new signature, press the Cogwheel and search for Email signature.

From here on you can add new signatures or edit already existing signatures.

clicking the cogwheel and searching for email signature

add your text to the signaute

To use your signatures in a mail, press New message, then the three dots located at the bottom of the new message next to Show formatting options. Press the three dots and then Insert signature.

From here on all your saved signatures will show up, and you can choose which one you will use in your message.

clciking the three dots and adding the signature to the e-mail

Examples of signatures

Your NTNU affiliation must be clearly visible in an acceptable way in all job-related emails. Don't stop with the name of your research group or the department where you work. The recipient of your email may not be familiar with the university. The university's full name should be written out.

By adding a link to your employee page, those you correspond with can easily find information about you and your group.

English example

Tor-Eirik Hanssen
Department of Engineering History
Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
NO-7491 Trondheim, Norway
Tel. +47 73 59 50 00/ Mobile +47 918 00 000


Norwegian example

Tor-Eirik Hanssen
Institutt for ingeniørhistorie
Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet (NTNU)
7491 Trondheim
Tlf. 73 59 50 00/ Mobil 918 00 000


Use a shorter signature for replies and forwards

You can create as many signatures as you want. Consider setting up a shorter alternate signature that can be used for replies and forwards, particularly for internal correspondence.

For example

Albert Einstein, Professor

Department of Physics, NTNU


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