This page provides an overview of defibrillators on NTNU.

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icon meaning that access card is required = Requires access card. Daytime: Contact maintenance staff. Evening: Contact security staff: 918 97 373


Building Locations with Automatic External Defibrillators:  

Main building

Service counter at the library, ground floor  
Main building
Room 136: Communication Division, 1nd floor  
Elektrobyggene Room B 406:  Open 8:00-11:00 and 12:00-15:00. Requires access card
Elektrobyggene Room E 000:  Requires access card

E100 - Glass garden

Elektrobyggene Room G 100 B Ground floor  
Høgskoleringen 3 Room 211. Avilable to emplyees and students at IEL  
Høgskoleveien 12 Room 208, in the corridor  
Internasjonalt hus/
International house
Room 21: Open 8:00-15:00. Requires access card after 15:00
Kjemiblokk 2 Room 130 in the hall  
Gamle fysikk Room 113 Requires access card
Kjemi sydfløy Room 111 outside the Janitor's office. Available for persons with access to Kjemiblokkene and the Natural Sciences Building (Realfagbygget)  
Kjemiblokk 5 Room 106: Open 08:00-15:45 (15). Requires access card after 15:45
Kolbjørn Hejes vei 1 Room B160Open 08:00-15:45 (15). Requires access card after 15:45
Sentralbygg 1

Room 157A

Sentralbygg 2

7th floor, on wall by the elevator

13 floor, in hallway

Bergbygget A-S053 - in the corridor close to room E-S027  
Bergbygget Corridor 240

Room 1-140

Room 3-150

Byggteknisk Room 1-002  
Natural Sciences Building

Room E1-102

Natural Sciences Building
Lower floor U3, corridor, close to room DU3-152  
Driftssentralen Room 216  
Transport central By the entrance, room 100. Requires access card
Adolf Øien-bygget In the corridor close to room 3037  
Sports building Gløshaugen By the reception  


Building Locations with Automatic External Defibrillators:  
Dragvoll Building 2, level 5, room 2505  
Dragvoll Building 6, level 3, outside "Vakt og service", attached to wall by the elevator  
Dragvoll  Building 9, level 5, room 9539, in the corridor  
Sports building Dragvoll At reception  
Dragvoll Låven 2nd floor, to the right of the lift, by the stairs  


Building Locations with Automatic External Defibrillators:  
Kalvskinnet - Akrinn Ground floor, placed between the elevators  

Kalvskinnet - Akrinn Øst 

2. etasje i gang
Kalvskinnet - Gunnerus gate 1 5th floor, break room  
Kalvskinnet - Schøninghuset 2. etg B204, next to the elevator
Kalvskinnet - Schøninghuset ground floor room 2.121
Lysholmbygget Ground floor, room BR.1.073, in the middle of the building, by the stairwell/elevator.  
Suhmhuset Room 120 (reception area)
Gunnerushuset A140, close to reception
Gunnerushuset 2. etg A250, stairwells
Ringve botaniske hage Administration building, room 120
Tungasletta 2 1st floor, between building A and B  
Valgrinda 2000 Building 2, 2nd floor (3. etasje) by the entrance door to Dept. of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering  
Materialtekniske laboratorier

Building 308 room 3-160 in the canteen. Requires access card

Prøvehall 1-10. Requires access card

Marinteknisk senter Office building, 1st floor reception desk (near F2.124)  
Olavskvartalet Room 615, copy room, 5th floor. Requires access card
Top-level sports at Granåsen Level 3, in the corridor test laboratory  
Øya Helsehus 2nd floor outside room 026 and 7th floor by the door K02  
Biological station, Heggdalen Building 080 - Room 001  
Jonsvannsveien 82 c, Moholt Building C, 3rd floor  
NTNU Sealab, Brattørkaia Reception, 2nd floor  
St Olavs, Akutten-hjerte-lunge senteret (AHL)

1st floor, south, room: 343.01.039

3rd floor, south, room: 343.03.010

3rd floor south room: 343.03.012

St Olavs, Akutten-hjerte-lunge senteret (AHL) 2nd floor, room 231.02.K03, by LG25  
S. P. Andersens veg 15a

Room 101B (PTS1 Hallbygg)

Room 205B (Petroleumsteknisk senter)



Building Locations with Automatic External Defibrillators:  
Building G By the Student Centre  
Building H By auditorium Eureka  
Mustad Research lab for Universal Design  
Beryllbygget By elkraftlaboratoriet, room B 106  


Building Locations with Automatic External Defibrillators:  
Main building By the expedition  
Lab building The east entrance, ground floor by the stairs  
 Kunnskapspark By the main entrance, ground floor  


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