Creating webpages

Here is how you create web pages on NTNU's website.Norwegian version: Opprette nettsted

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Creating new web pages

Do you need web pages for a conference or a project arranged by NTNU? Contact your local webmaster to create new web pages, or send a request in NTNU Hjelp.

Remember to answer these questions in the email you send:

  • What will the web pages be used for?
  • What should the pages be called?
  • Are they to be published in Norwegian or English?
  • Who should be allowed to access them?
  • When do you need them by?

It is important to specify if the pages should be in English or Norwegian. Norwegian pages are created on, while English pages are created on

What addresses am I allowed to have?

NTNU's naming policy (Norwegian PDF) describes this issue in detail. An English summary of the regulations can be found in the domain names at NTNU article.

Access to web pages

Contact your local webmaster to gain access to existing web pages. As an employee, you already have access to your employee profile on both the and domains. When you edit your profile page on Innsida, the changes will automatically be registered on the existing web pages.

Intranett - create a web page

The article explains how to create a Wiki page on Innsida.