Committee for Gender Equality and Diversity

Here you will find the mandate and composition of the Committee for Gender Equality and Diversity.

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Norsk versjon: Utvalg for likestilling og mangfold


To promote better gender equality and more diversity, the principal of NTNU appointed a Committee for Gender Equality and Diversity. The Committee shall deliver a policy and action plan for equality and diversity that is rooted, binding and guiding for the entire organization.

The first term for the policy and the new action plan are expected to apply for the period 2018 – 2022.


The purpose of the committee is to be a driving force and inspire in the work with gender equality and diversity for employees and students at NTNU. The committee shall contribute to an inclusive university for all, regardless of gender, ethnicity, national origin, language, outlook on life, political views, sexual orientation, functional ability, and other conditions.

The committee shall provide advice to the university’s management at all levels on measures that can contribute to improved gender balance and diversity. The responsibility for implementation and follow-up of the gender equality and diversity work at NTNU follows the line.

Organization and composition

  • The committee members must be anchored at a sufficiently high level in the organization and have a good base of knowledge and commitment to the work.
  • The committee shall have representatives from faculties/departments, administration, student organization, trade union and an external representative. The term of office is three years.
  • The leader is elected for one year at a time from among members of the committee (the academic year)
  • A representative from the Student Parliament is appointed for one year at a time.
  • The representatives from the joint administration assist the leader in the organization work.
  • The committee has a separate budget at its disposal and obtains supplementary expertise when needed.
  • The principal has the responsibility for gender equality and diversity work at NTNU, the committee reports to the organizational director.


Members of the Committee for Gender Equality and Diversity Sept 2021 – July 2025.

  • Head of the committee: Toril A. Nagelhus Hernes – vice-principal for innovation
  • Olav Bolland – Dean, IV-faculty
  • Siri Forsmo – Dean for research, MH-faculty
  • Nils Kalstad – Head of department, IE-faculty Gjøvik
  • Tove Havnegjerde – Head of department, NV-faculty, Ålesund
  • Marte G. Villmo – elected representative – Norwegian Association of Researchers
  • Morten Mørch – main representative – PARAT
  • Vivian Anette Lagesen – Professor, Department of Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture.
  • Loveleen Rihel Brenna, SEEMA, external
  • Ada Klubben, The Student Council
  • Guled Yusuf Mohamud, The Student Council
  • Rikke Storvik Sjøhelle – 1. Deputy member, The Student Council
  • Jonas Låstad – 2. Deputy member, The Student Council

Secretariat: Janet Ratio Øverland, Gender Equality and Diversity Adviser, HR and HSE Department.

Minutes of meetings

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