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Software information

COGNIsoft-I includes 12 programs for cognitive rehabilitation of alertness, attention, working memory, impulse inhibition and problem solving after brain injury and brain illness such as head injury, stroke and multiple sclerosis. Additionally, some of the programs have specifically been designed to target the symptoms that are most often seen after stroke, such as visual hemineglect and visuospatial impairment.

License information

Volume license: Access limited and needs-tested volume agreement for a Dept./Faculty. Only for employees, not students.

Used by Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (Department of Neuromedicine and Movement Science (INB)).  Contact an IT responsible at the Dept./Faculty for details.

Note that the program can only be used for academic work and not for commercial work.


Supplier information

Manufacturer: See more about COGNIsoft at COGNIsoft

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