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In Blackboard, you have the ability to give users access to courses they do not have an active role in, that is, allow guests in your course. Guests only have reading rights, and therefore do not have the opportunity to participate in the course as regular students can. Among other things, they do not have the opportunity to submit assignments or comment in forums.

Norsk versjon - Åpne emner og gjestetilgang

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Allow guest access

To have guests in your course, you must allow guest access.

 Navigate to Guest and Observer Access

To do this, choose Customization i the Course menu and then Guest and Observer Access.

 Tick for allowed guests

Check for Yes(1) to allow guests in the course, then click Submit(2) to save.

 More pages about the course in the course description

NOTE! It is important to note that when opening the course room for guests, a link to the course room will also be published on the course description on NTNU's website. This means that everyone who is inside and looks at the course description, also has the opportunity to visit the course room in Blackboard.

Share course areas with guests

Once the course is open to guests, you need to decide which parts of the course you want to be visible to guests. Note that only content areas you choose to share will be visible, and not all content in the course.

 Allow guests by pressing the arrow (1) and selecting allow guests (2)

To open a content area for guests, hover over the name of the content area. Touch the small arrow that appears (1). This causes a new menu to appear. Touch Permit guests (2). Repeat this with all the content areas you want to share with guests.

Make tools visible to guests

Now that we have opened the course for guests, we can decide which tools they should have access to. The tools you can make visible to guests are limited - these tools are: Content Area, Contacts and Announcements.

These tools will initially be visible to guests if you have allowed guest access, but they can be turned on and off. To do this, tap Customization in the course menu, then tap Tool Availability.

 Navigate to Tool Access Page

This will take you to the menu with an overview of all the tools available. Here you can choose which tools should be visible to guests.

 Image shows various icons as described below

  1. This symbol indicates that the tool is available to teachers and students in the course, but not guests
  2. This symbol indicates that the tool is not available to students, teachers or guests
  3. This symbol indicates that the tool is not turned on for guests, but it can be turned on. To turn it on, click inside the square, and click send to save. (NOTE! If the icon is gray and not black, it is not possible to turn on the tool)
  4. This symbol indicates that the tool is visible to guests. You can turn it off by removing the check mark inside the square and pressing Send to save.

You must not allow guests to see the various tools in the course, in order for them to have access to the course areas inside your course.

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