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Software information

BioNumerics is a software platform that offers integrated analysis of applications in Bioinformatics: 1D electrophoresis gels, all kinds of chromatographic and spectrometric profiles, phenotype characters, microarrays, and sequences. BioNumerics have the ability to combine information from various genomic and phenotypic sources into one global database and conduct conclusive analyses.

License information

Volume license: The ordinary license is associated with a USB key that must be connected to the computer that is running BioNumerics. Students and employees are granted an evaluation license for 1 months by filling in the contact form of the manufacturer.

Used by Faculty of Natural Sciences (Department of Biotechnology and Food Science).

Note that the program can only be used for academic work and not for commercial work.


Supplier information

Manufacturer:See more about BioNumerics at Applied Maths

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