Artificial intelligence in bachelor’s and master’s theses

This article contains specific information for students and graders about using artificial intelligence (AI-tools) in bachelor's and master's theses

Norsk versjon: Kunstig intelligens i bachelor og masteroppgaver

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Using AI-tools in bachelor's and master's theses

You are allowed to use AI-tools as an aid when writing bachelor's and master's theses. All use of AI-tools must be referred to in the assignment. Students refer to AI-tools both in the text and in the reference list. Read more about citations on this website (link).

You as a student are responsible for assessing how eventual AI-tools are used in your thesis. Make sure that your thesis contains enough critical reflection. Be thorough when referring to AI-tools and use them only as support material in your thesis.

Bachelor's and master's theses are independent written assignments. All theses are assessed on the same assessment criteria. This is regardless of whether or not you use AI tools as support material in your thesis.

Keep in mind that language models such as ChatGPT cannot be cited for facts. Use original sources.

You can read more about cheating on exams here (link).



Certain faculties have adopted guidelines for the use of AI tools in bachelor's and master's theses. Check with your department or faculty if this is the case in the course you are enrolled in. 

Students enrolled in courses with these guidelines are asked to upload an AI-declaration that describes how eventual AI-tools have been used in the thesis. The declaration is uploaded in addition to your thesis/attachments in Inspera. You can find the declaration form in the question set where you hand in your bachelor’s and/or master’s thesis. You can also download the AI-declaration form here (link).

The purpose of declaration form is to explain how you used eventual AI-tools when writing your thesis. This helps your graders assess your thesis from a methodological perspective. The student's methodological approach is an important part of assessing the assignment.

All use of AI in bachelor's and master's theses must be citied both in the text and in the reference list. This is regardless of whether you upload an AI-declaration along with your thesis or not. 

Information for graders

Students enrolled in courses with AI-declarations will have an additional file upload assignment for AI-declarations. Check with your department or faculty if this applies to the courses you are grading.

The AI-declaration form is uploaded as a separate file upload in Inspera. The students will assess how they used AI in their thesis in the declaration form. This is to help graders assess the use of AI in the thesis from a methodological approach.

Most students will submit an AI-declaration form when handing in their thesis, but keep in mind that NTNU has no authority to reject an assignment that lacks an AI-declaration form. This means that all students must be graded, regardless of whether they submit a AI-declaration form or not.