Access to the media archive Atekst

The University Library has negotiated a new contract with Retriver, which gives students and employees access to Atekst.

With the new agreement, you no longer need to ask the library for access, but will get this automatically when you are connected to NTNU’s network (on campus or via VPN).

Norsk versjon - Tilgang til Atekst

What is Atekst?

The media archive Atekst covers media in original print issues of Norwegian national-, regional- and local newspapers, as well as numerous magazines and journals. The archive encompasses over 1000 Norwegian newspapers and periodicals, almost 400 municipal websites, and various online radio and TV-resources.

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Do you need extra access?

If you want to download a large number of articles (more than the 500 downloads Atekst allows per session), contact the library:


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