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Holiday leave

Guidance - for employees

Holiday - manage your holiday leave

Register your holiday in the Self-service portal

Remember to register your holiday by deadline May 1

Any remaining holiday must be registered before mid-November. You will be reminded on Innsida. In addition, reminders are automatically sent from the Self-Service Portal on 1 May to employees who have not registered any holiday and on 1 September to employees who have more than 15 paid holiday days left.

Register your holiday/vacation | Help filling out the holiday application (DFØ)

When you have cleared your holiday with your leader, you register your holidays in the Self-service portal. 

You enter the extra day off on 2 January in the self-service portal under the tile "Request for absence". Use absence code "Other absence, paid 940".

Change registrated holiday/vacation | Help filling out the change form (DFØ)

In consultation with your supervisor, you can change the dates and lengths of already approved holiday leave. Use the same holiday form and delete any holiday leave you will not take, and then apply for new leave. 

Transfer holiday/vacation | Help filling out the transfer application (DFØ)

You can apply to have as much as 14 business days of holiday leave transferred to next year. The deadline is 15 November each year. You can also change/cancel transferred holiday until the first week of January. 

Apply for advance on holiday leave | Requirements

You can apply for up to 10 business days of holiday leave in advance, with the deadline of 15 November each year. You must have earned the days (2.08 days per month) before you can take them in advance.

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