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TDT06 - Educational Technology

Educational Technology 

Teacher: Michail Giannakos ( 

The course is taught in English

The format of the teaching is a series of sessions for each of the topics/ seminars, assignments and a team project. 

This module is made for students who are having a master thesis in learning technology-related topic and is only offered together with the module TDT07 - Learning Analytics. Contact the teacher if you want additional information or to enroll. 

Workload: 3,75 SP 



Learning Goals

The course focuses on three themes 1) Learning Systems; 2) Learning Analytics; and 3) Multimodal Learning Analytics. More specifically, the course includes learning theories, practices for developing technology-enhanced physical and digital learning experiences, learning technology applications for various tasks and settings, introduction to learning analytics, examples of learning analytics in various systems and an introduction to multimodal learning analytics. 


In BlackBoard

Teaching approach

The course is taught through masterclasses, assignments and a group project.  More information and the articles in the course will be available in the initial lecture. 


- Register to the module here:

- CS students have to get an approval from their supervisor to register for the theory modules.

- Non-CS students can choose "Informatics" in the dropdown.

- For students who are not in computer science, please consult your own department whether they have the same format of specialization courses. Otherwise, we may not grant credits to you.

- Make sure you register at least one day before the first lecture.

- We will mainly use BlackBoard for organizing the course (online teaching, course materials, discussions, etc.).

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