Working capital - PhD

Norsk versjon: Driftsmidler

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Working capital (driftsmidler) are funds that can be used to complete the doctoral project. Typically, the working capital is used to cover expenses connected to conference participation, equipment, books and so on. The amount will vary depending on your employer and source of funding. For PhD-candidates employed outside of NTNU, access to working capital should be detailed in your PhD agreement.

If your PhD project is connected to a larger research project involving other researchers, you will usually have to go through the project manager to access the funds, however, some PhD-candidates are able to directly access the working capital themselves. Regardless, the use of working capital must be in accordance with the rules and regulations governing the use of public funds. The working capital to all PhD-candidates employed at NTNU are public funds. This also means that any purchase is not your personal property, this is particularly important to be aware when it comes to larger purchases. You may discuss and clarify the use of working capital and continued access to items purchased with your working capital after your funding period with your project manager or the department. If there are any questions, contact your department.

NTNU has several framework agreements that should be followed. You should therefore use the purchasing system for all purchases and follow the guidelines for employees when making travel arrangements. If you wish to purchase something that cannot be purchased through the purchasing system, contact the purchaser or requistioner at your department or faculty.