PhD agreement

Norsk versjon: Avtale ved opptak - doktorgrad
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The Agreement concerning admission to doctoral degree education (PhD), more commonly known as the PhD Agreement, regulates your rights and duties throughout your PhD period, within the legal framework, the regulations and the decision regarding admission. It is very important that you make sure that the agreement is filled out and signed as soon as possible after being admitted to a PhD-programme.

The Agreement contains three parts:

  • Part A is a general part, and should be signed by you, the Faculty and the Department
  • Part B regulates the academic supervision and should be signed by you, your supervisors and the Department
  • Part C is only applicable if you receive funding from and/or have your work place with an external party. Part C should be signed by you, the Faculty and the external party.

You should hand in the Agreement to the Faculty as soon as possible and no later than the deadline detailed in the letter accepting you to the PhD-programme. Your agreement period equals the funding period and is automatically extended in case of any leave of absence allowed by law or extended authorized sick leave.