Software overview

Software available by request

Norwegian version: Programvare tilgjengelig ved behov

This article describes the prerequisite factors you should clarift before you request to purchase the software, when you can't find software that solves the task in the Software overview, Software Center, AppsAnywhere, the Software Farm, ot locally at your faculty/department.

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Before you request to purchase the software, there are some points that need to be clarified:

  1. Free version?
    Check for a free version of the software:
    • Can NTNU use the software freely?
    • Is there a restriction on how the free version can be used?
  2. Existing agreement?
    • If new software has to be purchased, NTNU is committed to buy from the supplier Crayon AS, see overview Sikt webpage (Norwegian only).
    • If Crayon cannot deliver the software, we either have to bid or buy directly from the manufacturer depending on the amount of costs. See NTNU's purchasing regulations (in Norwegian).
  3. Other clarifications
    • Does the software comply with the digital safety guidelines at NTNU?
    • Do you need data processing?
    • Do you have funding and approve clearly?
    • How extensive is the use of the software?
    • Should it be used in teaching across the faculty?
    • Should it be used for externally funded research?
    • Should the software be used to control scientific equipment?


The Section for IT management in NTNU's IT division may help with the procurement, conclusion and maintenance of software agreements. Therefore, contact Orakeltjenesten if you need help purchasing the software.