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Here is a list of contacts related to administration of the units' shared network directory. The contact person is responsible for coordination, monitoring requirements and adaptations for shared network directory at his unit. Contact persons will have an overall ownership of folder structure and will be able to manage access control.

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Contacts for shared network directory

Faculty of Architecture and Design (AD)
Unit Contact E-mail address
Faculty of Architecture and Design

Morten Kvamme

Øistein Kristiansen


Knut Rø

Trondheim Academy of Fine Art


Department of Design


Department of Architecture and Technology


Department of Architecture and Planning



Faculty of Humanities (HF)
Unit Contact E-mail address

Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies

Kari Birgitte Berg

Department of Historical Studies

Rune Kristian Hansen

Department of Art and Media Studies

Trond Einar Garmo

Department of Music

Erik Hagtun

Department of Language and Literature

Tone Ydse

Department of Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture

Jan Groven Grande


Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (IE)
Unit Contact E-mail address

Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

Dag Nummedal

Department of General Science

Bogdan Voaidas

Department of Computer Science

Alf Andreas Høiseth

Department of Electronic Systems

Erik Wessel-Berg

Department of Electric Power Engineering

Bodil Wold

Department of ICT and Natural Sciences

Lasse Gallefoss

Department of Information Security and Communication Technology

Nils Kalstad Svendsen

Department of Mathematical Sciences

Per Kristian Hove

Department of Engineering Cybernetics

Gunnar Aske


Faculty of Engineering (IV)
Unit Contact E-mail address

Faculty of Engineering

Helge M. Garberg

Department of Energy and Process Engineering

Eugen Uthaug

Department of Marine Technology

Bjørn Tore Bach

Department of Geoscience and Petroleum

Lars Johan Sandvik

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Kenneth Sundli

Department of Structural Engineering

Asle Skauge

Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Øyvind Andersen

Department of Ocean Operations and Civil Engineering

Siri Schulerud

Department of Manufacturing and Civil Engineering

Contact unit administration 


Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (MH)
Unit Contact E-mail address
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Lars Ødegaard


Håvard Ellefsen


Arild Skaug Hansen

Student and Academic Section

Lars Trovatten Grønflaten

Research Section

Tone Merete Follum

Department of Health Sciences in Gjøvik

Heidi Vifladt

Department of Health Sciences in Ålesund

Gunnhild Furnes

Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience

Haagen Waade

Department of Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine

Irene Aspli

Department of Laboratory Medicine, Children’s and Women’s Health

Brit B. Fridtjofsen

Department of Neuromedicine and Movement Science

Heine Skipenes

Department of Mental Health

Toril Havn Sæther

The Regional Centre for Child and Youth Mental Health and Child Welfare (RKBU)

Frode Jørum

Department of Public Health and Nursing

Geir Kristiansen


Surur Taso


Borgny H. Wold


Ingeborg O Kamsvåg

Department of Circulation and Medical Imaging

Arn-Sigurd Halmøy


Faculty of Natural Sciences (NV)
Unit Contact E-mail address
Faculty of Natural Sciences

Elin Cecilie Balstad

Department of Biology

Hans Jakob Jakobsen

Department of Biological Sciences Ålesund

Eli-Marie Sandvik

Department of Biotechnology and Food Science

Martin Gimmestad

Department of Biomedical Laboratory Science

Frode Vågen

Department of Physics

Aud Lise Kulseth


Gjertrud Maurstad

Department of Chemistry

Jon Erik Aaseng

Department of Chemical Engineering

Hilde Eilertsen Woll

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Vidar Broholm


Faculty of Economics and Management (OK)
Unit Contact E-mail address
Faculty of Economics and Management



NTNU Business School

Contact unit administration 

Department of International Business (Ålesund)

Dagrun Lorgen Jensen

Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management

Odd Knudsen


Kjell - Anders Johnsen


Arne Vidar Sjønøst

Department of Economics

Anne Larsen


Faculty of Social and Educational Sciences (SU)
Unit Contact E-mail address
Faculty of Social and Educational Sciences

Liv Alfhild Unhjem

Department of Geography

Siv Bjørklund Mora

Department of Teacher Education

Berit Hansen Gilde

Department of Education and Lifelong Learning

Wenche Salomonsen King

Department of Social Work

Signe Marie Søraunet


Hallgerd Hoff Helgetun

Department of Sociology and Political Science

Britt Elin Stene

Department of Psychology

Tom Knudsen

Department of Social Anthropology

Siv Bjørklund Mora


NTNU University Museum (VM)
Unit Contact E-mail address
NTNU University Museum

Roger W. J. Alterskjær

Department of Natural History


Department of Archaeology and Cultural History



Unit Contact E-mail address

HR and HSE Division

Oddvar Å

HSE Section


Communication Division


Records Management Division


IT Division


IT Support Section


IT Operations Section


IT Administrative Section


IT Development Section


IT Strategy and Management Section


Digital Security Section


Division for Governance and Management Systems

Marianne Dyresen

Financial Division

Jens Petter Nygård

Financial Advisory Services Section


Payroll Services Section


Finance Service Section


Campus Services Division

Renate Borsheim

Building Management Section

Elin Sølberg

Technical Management Section

Irene Dragvik

Per Gjengår

Project Implementation Section

Irene Dragvik

Property Service Centre

Elin Sølberg

Property Division


Education Quality Division

Andreas Aarlott

Centre for Continuing Education and Professional Development


Student and Academic Division

Jan Sverre Rønning

Education Section in Gjøvik


Education Section Ålesund

Marianne Vinje

Student Services Division

Lars Jørgensen

Office of International Relations


University Library

Sven Strøm

Pro-Rector for Research


Pro-Rector for Innovation

Rector's Staff

Kirsti Klokkerhaug


Ingeborg Vasli


Centers and other units
Unit Contact E-mail address


Bjørn Tore
BIBSYSTore Christian
Norwegian Centre for Mathematics EducationMerete
The Writing CentrePeter Mø
RENATEGuri Schjø


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